Marta Panova - a soccer player with the mindset of a chess player

In the merciless competition of top sports, an athlete has to put all skills and qualities into play for their own benefit, and their circle is not limited to what they have acquired while training in a particular sport. Many things can be taken over from elsewhere, proves Marta Panova, a soccer player with the mindset of a chess player.

"She is a polite player who has a strong desire to improve. On the one hand, she is combative and eager to fight, on the other hand, modest. Marta is a very good chess player. Our assistant coach Reivo Vinter has also played chess for a long time, and that's how chess competitions took place between them. Both matches were won by Reivo, who later, Marta sent me a photo where she poses with the chess prizes she won. The mindset of a chess player is also evident on the soccer field, because she always plans her actions two, three, four moves in advance and does not focus only on the next task."

Panova will not be able to help the women's team at the EC finals because she is recovering from a serious knee injury. There wasn't much missing, but the risk of another injury would be too great to get the first minutes after the injury in the EC final tournament.

Born: 27.03.2007

Matches and goals as of before the start of the home EC finals. The players were characterized by head coach Aleksandra Ševoldajeva, physical training coach Maria Sootak gave a speech.


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