Sillamäe JK DINA (2016) winners of the DINA WINTER CUP tournament December 16, 2023

On December 16, our team Sillamäe JK DINA (16) consisting of Pavljutšenko Artur, Toffert Ivan, Maslenikov Maksim, Tsukh Aleksandr, Orikov Daniel, Danilenko Sergei, Ulitin David took part in the DINA WINTER CUP tournament. The teams participating in the tournament were Legion (16) Narva, Merkuur-Juunior (16) Tartu, Merkuur-Juunior (17) Tartu, Zenit (16) Kohtla-Järve, FC Phoenix (16) Jõhvi, Trans (16) Narva, Legion (16) Narva, JK DINA (16) Sillamäe

In the first game, our guys met with FC Phoenix (16) and won with a score of 5-0, in the second game the opponent was the team Trans (16) Narva and a difficult victory with a score of 3-1. In the third game we were lucky, we defeated a very strong and unyielding team Merkuur-Juunior (16) Tartu with a score of 1-0. In the fourth game they defeated the Merkuur-Juunior (17) Tartu team with a score of 6-0. In the fifth game they defeated Zenit (16) Kohtla-Järve with a score of 2-0. And in the last game we met with the Legion (16) Narva team, which had never known defeat before. The match turned out to be exciting. We score a goal at the end of the game, but the opponent comes back at the very end and the match ends in mutual attacks. As a result, there is a fighting draw, which takes us to first place in the tournament. There was great intrigue in the match for 3rd place, in which the teams Merkuur-Juunior (16) Tartu and Trans (16) Narva met. The Trans (16) Narva team needed a victory to take 3rd place in the tournament and in the last minute of the game the Trans (16) Narva team scored the winning goal. There is less than a minute left, but the Merkuur-Juunior (16) Tartu team shows character and equalizes the score, which gives them the opportunity to take a prize place in the tournament. Thanks to the participants and parents for participating in the DINA WINTER CUP tournament!!!


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