Sillamäe JK DINA (16) takes second place at the home tournament DINA WINTER CUP

On February 25, the DINA WINTER CUP tournament among children born in 2016 took place in the large hall of the sports complex. The teams participating in the tournament were JK Noova N.T (Ida-Virumaa), JK Trans (Narva), FC Phoenix oranz (Jõhvi), FC Phoenix sinine (Jõhvi), JK Noova D.R (Ida-Virumaa), Tiigrid (Tallinn), JK DINA (Sillamae). The teams were divided into groups (2 groups of 4 teams). After the group games, the playoffs began. Our team Sillamäe JK DINA (16) successfully played in the group and won all games. Second place went to the team JK Noova N.T (Ida-Virumaa), in the second group the matches were even more stubborn and the first place was taken by the team JK Trans (Narva), the second place went to the team Tiigrid (Tallinn). In the first semi-final, JK DINA (Sillamae) defeats the team Tiigrid (Tallinn) 1-0 in a bitter fight and reaches the final. In the second semi-final, also with equal competition, the JK Trans (Narva) team beats the JK Noova N.T (Ida-Virumaa) team. In the match for third place between the teams Tiigrid (Tallinn) and JK Noova N.T (Ida-Virumaa), the guests from Tallinn are more successful, and in the final the team JK Trans (Narva) defeats the host team JK DINA (Sillamae) and becomes the winner of the tournament. We thank all teams and coaches for participating in the tournament!!! Orikov Daniel, Toffert Ivan, Pavljutsenko Artur, Danilenko Sergei, Bazkov Deniss, Kaev Alan, Maslenikov Maksim, Ulitin David, Loktev Maksim performed for our team at the tournament.


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