The results of the performance of girls and boys on May 1 in the Estonian Championship

On April 28, the girls Borotynskaya Kristina and Valeria Nazarova played in Tallinn as part of the TU17 TALLINNA FC FLORA team against the TU17 TARTU JK TAMMEKA team and confidently won with a score of 8-1 (one goal scored by Borotynskaya Kristina.


On May 1, our girls  Borotynskaya Kristina, Nazarova Valeria and Ksenia and Anastasia Burkova played as part of the JÕHVI PHOENIX JA JK NARVA TRANS ÜN (N) team away against the JK TALLINNA KALEV II (N) team and won with a score of 1-2. Kristina Borotynskaya started the game in the first team (she was substituted at the 85th minute), Valeria Nazarova played the second half, and Anastasia Burkova and Ksenia Nazarova came on as a substitute at the 85th minute. Congratulations on your victory.


Also on May 1, the boys Stepan Bolshakov, Artem Brzhizinsky and Anton Semenov played as part of the JÕHVI FC PHOENIX (08) team against the FC HAABERSTI (08) team and won with a score of 1-0. Goal scored by Artem Brhizinsky. Congratulations!!!


The guys born in 2009 Ivan Nerovny and Anton Shiltsev played on the road as part of the JK NARVA TRANS (09) team against the VIIMSI MRJK VALGE (09) team and won a landslide victory with a score of 4-1.


On May 1, the guys born in 2010 as part of the JÕHVI FC PHOENIX (10) team hosted the TARTU WJK SANTOS PUNANE (10) team on their field and the match ended in a fighting draw with a score of 2-2. The team was represented by Mark Mikhailov, Andrey Zaitsev, Matvei Karin and Leonid Hohlov


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