Sillamäe JK DINA 2011 started with a victory in the Estonian Championship over Levadia Tallinn

On May 7, the Sillamäe JK DINA 2011 team started in the Estonian Championship (U12 II alagrupp). In the first game, we hosted the Tallinna FC Levadia Roheline (11) team. The first game and the first excitement, although they started well, pressed the opponent to the goal, had a few chances from the set pieces, but did not score. The opponent did not even think of sitting in defense and began to attack and score. At the 10th minute, the guests score a goal, at the 20th minute they increase the advantage. And the first half ends and we lose 0-2. After the break, the red-and-white car begins to build up pressure and on 45 minutes Arseniy Karin closes the gap, scoring a goal. At 51 minutes after a corner, an incredibly beautiful goal was scored by Arseniy Yakovlev - a kick through himself from the goalkeeper's line. We equalized the score. But 5 minutes before the end, Arseniy Yakovlev puts our team ahead and we survived the last 5 minutes. The first round and the first victory with a score of 3-2 over a good team. Well done guys!!! Parents came to cheer for the team and also our girls came to support our guys, for which many thanks to everyone. Milan Männi and Alvin Syber made their debut in the championship - our congratulations. Well played by our goalkeeper Evan Colu. And the rest of the guys did well, gathered in the second half and won a strong-willed victory. Played for the team Toštšev Aleksei, Nerovny Daniel, Karin Arseni, Ippolitov Matvei, Jakovlev Arseni, Aleksejev Pavel, Demidenko Daniel, Sõber Alvin , Kolu Evan, Kochemba Kirill, Kochemba Artjom, Männi Milan, Gornev Alexander, Kovshura Artjom


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