Sillamae JK DINA (11) lost in an equal game in the second round

On May 14, the second round of the Estonian Championship U12 took place in which our team Sillamae JK DINA (11) hosted the team Narva Trans (11) and, as it happens between neighbors, the match turned out to be stubborn and interesting. conversion, they didn’t score. But if you don’t score, they score for you, in the end of the first half the opponent got the right to a penalty kick and successfully converted it. We go to the break losing 0-1. After the break, the situation has not changed - we attacked more, had more chances, but the guests scored goals. At the end of the game they did not score a penalty, then they scored a goal, but this was not enough to win. As a result, in an equal game we concede with a score of 1-4, although the score should not be like this in the game. Well done guys - we tried, but we didn’t score much. Krivitsri David, Karin Arseni, Ippolitov Matvei, Jakovlev Arseni, Aleksejev Pavel, Demidenko Daniel, Sõber Alvin , Kolu Evan, Kovshura Artjom, Kochemba Kirill, Kochemba Artjom, Männi Milan, Gornev Alexander


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