Sillamäe JK DINA U11 confidently wins away at Rakvere

On May 21, our team Sillamäe JK DINA (11) went to the city of Rakvere, where they met with the local team Rakvere Tarvas (11). Goalkeeper Kolu Evan, defenders: Kochemba Artem and Kirill, Krivitsky David, midfielders: Gornev Alexander, Ippolitov Matvey, Milan Manni, Karin Arseni, Alekseev Pavel, Kovshura Artem, Demidenko Daniel, forwards: Alvin Sõber, Jakovlev Arseny.

We started the game actively and attacked more, but the opponent was able to equalize the game and the match was mainly held in the center of the field in the fight. But on 20 minutes Karin Arseniy went one on one and scored the first goal. In principle, the first half ended with such a score. At the beginning of the second half, we got the right to a free kick not far from the center of the field and Alexander Gornev confidently approached the ball and scored a goal with a strong kick. The match also continued in a stubborn struggle, the opponent had chances, but Evan Kolu did not let him down, parried the blow, but in the last minute Arseniy Karin ran away and went one on one and confidently outplayed the goalkeeper and scored the third goal. The red and white car wins a landslide 3-0 away win and congratulations. We thank the parents who traveled with us for their support. Thank you all and well done!!!


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