Sillamäe JK DINA (11) again won away FC Kose in the Estonian Championship

On the 4th of June our team Sillamäe JK DINA (11) went to visit the rival team FC Kose (11) in Kose to play in the Estonian Championship U12 II alagrupp. The game was set early, so we had to leave at 7 in the morning. But almost everyone gathered and we went to the away game. The match started with our attacks, but the field interfered (very uneven) and for our technical guys it created difficulties in the final stage of the attack. But on the 24th minute Daniil Demidenko with an accurate kick from the left foot from the penalty line opens the score. We go to the break winning 1-0. After the break at the 33rd minute, Arseniy Karin scored a goal and we won 2-0. But the opponent is not going to give up and scores a goal, and now the score is 2-1 in our favor. But in the 47th minute we earn a free-kick not far from the penalty area line and Daniel Nerovny scores a goal with a strong blow. But 5 minutes before the end, we make mistakes and concede a goal, and as a result, a nervous ending, but the red-white car survived and took away the victory with a score of 3-2 in away matches. The team was represented by Karin Arseni, Ippolitov Matvei, Aleksejev Pavel, Demidenko Daniel, Sõber Alvin, Kolu Evan, Kovshura Artjom, Kochemba Kirill, Kochemba Artjom, Männi Milan, Gornev Alexander, Tostsev Aleksei, Nerovny Daniel.


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