Strong-willed victory of Sillamäe JK DINA (11) in the home game of the Estonian Championship

On June 11, our team Sillamäe JK DINA (11) hosted the team JK Kuusalu Kalev (11) in a home game. And the match began with our team's attacks, but the opponent sharply counterattacked and on the 6th minute we conceded a goal. The game kept the scenario, we attacked, the opponent waited for our mistakes and sharply counterattacked. And again on 16 minutes we conceded a goal. As a result, we go to the break losing 0-2. After the break, the red and white car started up and on the 38th minute Arseniy Yakovlev scored a goal. Then the opponent had a one-on-one, but our goalkeeper Evan Cola saved us. On the 43rd minute Alvin Syber leveled the score, after a good pass by Daniil Demidenko, five minutes later Alexander Gornev crossed and again Alvin Syber put our team ahead. On the 50th minute Arseniy Yakovlev scored the fourth goal and on the 57th minute Daniil Demidenko set the final score 5-2 in our favor with a long-range shot. A strong-willed victory from a score of 0-2. Well done guys, they played great and we win the Estonian Championship again. Congratulations!!! Well done!!!The team was represented by Karin Arseni, Aleksejev Pavel, Demidenko Daniel, Sõber Alvin , Kolu Evan, Kovshura Artjom, Kochemba Kirill, Kochemba Artjom, Männi Milan, Gornev Alexander, Krivitski David


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