Sillamäe JK DINA 2013 Noova Cup 2022 winners

November 19 Our team Sillamäe JK DINA 2013 took part in the Noova Cup 2022 tournament in the hall of Jõhvi.

In the first game, we met with the Jk Alliance Zenit team and confidently won with a score of 4-0. Goals were scored by Turets Artjom - 2, Männi Ratmir, Kochemba Kirill. In the second game, we met with the JK Alliance Valge team and again won with a score of 4-0. Goals were scored by Kochemba Kirill and Alekseev Pavel scored a hat-trick. In the third game, we met with the JK Alliance Sinine team and again won with a score of 5-0. The goals were scored by Kochemba Artjom -2, Männi Ratmir, Volodin Danila, Turets Artjom - In the fourth game, we unexpectedly lost with a score of 1-2 to the JK Alliance Noova team. They led 1-0 after a goal by Kochemba Kirill, but in the end they conceded two goals as a result of unforced errors. There was one last game left against JK Alliance Astro, where we needed a two-goal win to take first place. And the guys were able to win. The first goal was scored by Turets Artjom, the second goal by Männi Ratmir. As a result, we become the winners of the Noova Cup 2022 to 2013 tournament. And Männi Ratmir was recognized as the best player in the team. Scored 16 goals and conceded two goals. The team was represented by Alekseev Pavel, Kochemba Kirill, Kochemba Artjom, Männi Ratmir, Volodin Danila, Ivanov Kirill, Kuznetsov Zahar, Voronin Artemi, Voropaev Maksim, Turets Artjom.



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