Sillamäe JK DINA 2016 DINA WINTER CUP winners

On November 27, the 2016 DINA WINTER CUP 2022 tournament was held, in which the teams Alliance 16 (Ida-Virumaa), Legion 16 (Narva), Legion red 16 (Narva), JK DINA 16 (Sillamäe), Trans 16 ( Narva). The teams played among themselves in a round-robin system, that is, each team played with all the participants. Matches will be fun and interesting. In the first game, our team met with children from the Trans 16 team (Narva). And with difficulty she won with a score of 4-2. In the second game, we played 0-0 with the team of Alliance 16 (Ida-Virumaa). In the next game, we had a hard time defeating the Legion 16 (Narva) team 1-0, we were lucky in this game and the defenders and the goalkeeper played selflessly. And in the last game we defeated the team Legion red 16 (Narva) 4-2. As a result, the fate of the first, second and third places was decided in the game between the teams Legion 16 (Narva) - Alliance 16 (Ida-Virumaa). If the team Alliance 16 (Ida-Virumaa) won, then they became the Champions of the tournament, if they were inferior, then JK DINA 16 (Sillamäe) became the winner of the tournament. The match was interesting and Legion 16 (Narva) won this game. As a result, JK DINA 16 (Sillamäe) became the winners of the tournament, Legion 16 (Narva) took second place, Alliance 16 (Ida-Virumaa) took third place. We thank the teams for participating in the tournament and the parents for their support. The team was represented by Orikov Daniel, Borotõnskaja Anna, Toffert Ivan, Bazkov Deniss , Maslenikov Maksim, Ulitin David

Best Team Players

Trans 16 (Narva) – Alisa Kaverina

Legion red 16 (Narva) – Maksim Pavlov

Alliance 16 (Ida-Virumaa) – Matvei Väginen

Legion 16 (Narva)

JK DINA 16 (Sillamäe) – Ivan Toffert


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