Academy "Zenith" - how to train children

Zenit Academy - how to train children.

Zenit akademy

In cooperation with Zenit Football Academy and SJK DINA an internship for club coaches was organized Nikolai Toshchev and Konstantin Karina in Saint Petersburg. For two full days, our coaches were at the base of the Academy, where they talked with coaches, watched the training of children of all ages, from 6 years old to 16-year-olds. Of course, the organization of the process itself is at a very high level.  The Academy base has 5 artificial fields, one grass field, and two indoor artificial fields. Balls, goals and other football equipment - there are no problems with this. The territory of the Academy "Zenith" is a closed area and everyone can not attend the training of children. Children's groups consist of 6-12 people and each group has two trainers. Training time around 1-1.5 hours. Twice a year, children of different ages are selected to the academy. And the most promising are invited to the academy. At each age there are only two groups of 6-12 people. The training itself is very interesting and a lot of attention is paid to possession of the ball, especially at a younger age. We watched a training game of 16-year-old boys from the Zenit Academy. You can simply say - the guys are in perfect order. All former Zenit players or graduates work at the Academy  SDUSHOR "Change".

Vasilyev Dmitri Our curator was  Vasiliev Dmitry Vladimirovich, who met us, gave us a lot of time and answered all our questions, for which we are very grateful to him. He also owns some records in Russian football. July 9, 2002 in a home match against & nbsp; "Anji" Vasiliev, who played at the position of a defender at that time, managed a unique achievement - he became the first defender in the history of Russian championships to score a hat-trick. Moreover, he scored three goals in just 7 minutes (from the 75th to the 82nd), which before that no one in Russia could also succeed.


The trip gave us a lot of useful knowledge in terms of preparing football talents. On the basis of the Academy, we met the Portuguese football player of Zenit Miguel Danny, who was at the training of children, where twin boys are training at the academy. I would like to once again thank the Zenit Academy and personally Dmitry Vladimirovich Vasiliev for the warm welcome and help in everything.




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