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If you started studying at the DINA football school, you automatically became a member of our big football family. As with all operating clubs and schools, each member must pay a membership fee.

Payment must be made 12 months a year by the 15th day of the first month in the quarter (1st quarter - January, February, March, 2nd quarter - April, May, June, 3rd quarter - July, August, September, 4th quarter - October, November , December). Monthly payment is a fixed payment that must be made all year round, including the summer months when teams are at tournaments, camps or on vacation.

For children under 7 years old 10 EUR per month. 45 EUR per quarter

For children after 7 years 15 EUR per month. 60 EUR per quarter

Recipient: SJK DINA

Account: EE872200221055514980


Ivanov Ivan, for the 2nd quarter of 2023


The amount of payment does not depend on the number of visits to training during the month.

1. Payment is made 12 months a year

2. The membership fee is a permanent payment that is paid all year round, including during the summer months and/or senior groups in November/December, when the rest (minimum rest 1 month and maximum 2 months per year).

3. The cost of the membership fee does not depend on the number of training sessions attended. (Coach comes to every workout)

4. The membership fee must also be paid during illness, when you cannot go to training. In exceptional cases, a recalculation can be made due to a long-term illness (more than 2 months). All illnesses must be reported to the accounting department Payment during illness continues. After recovery, you must write an application to In the application, indicate the duration of the illness and the desired number of months for recalculation.

5. You can immediately pay the membership fee for 12 months and get a -10% discount.

For example: 12×20€ = instead of 240€ it will cost 216€. For children after 7 years

For example: 12×15€ = instead of 180€ it will cost 162€. For children under 7 years old

6. If you want to finish training in the club, please pay the bills that have not yet been paid, inform the coach and the club in writing at After that, the child will be removed from the list of the club and the bill for the next month will no longer come. If you wish to transfer to another club, then the clubs must agree among themselves on the transfer. Transfer to another club is not possible if there are unpaid bills.

7. The cost of the membership fee is reviewed once a year in August. In the event of a change, a notification will be sent in early September.

8. The cost of the membership fee for a non-member of the club (no digitally signed application) is 75 € in agreement with the club management

9. If the child is not a resident of our city, then the membership fee will be double payment in agreement with the club management


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